‘Muslims have values that are different …’


To the editor:

Two of our most learned liberal citizens are teaming up to attack me for defending Dr. Ben Carson, an honorable Republican black man running for president of the United States, when he said — and was probably endorsed by millions of Americans — “a Muslim would not be fit to be president of the United States.”

Are the doubters of Dr. Carson racist? Probably not. Am I being stereotypical of Muslims? Of course not. One thing is abundantly clear: Muslims have values that are different than the values that have made America the great country that it is. Does anyone in their right mind want to see Sharia law become the law of our land? If my letter is a “teachable moment,” let’s hope the teachers will inform their students of this undeniable fact.

I do appreciate the letter writers acknowledging and honoring my words as “teachable.” I also hope the teachers will have the courage to tell their students the need to understand the difference between the truth and outright lies. And writing that Dr. Carson dismissed Muslims as second-class citizens, unfit for public office, would be a great place to start.

And the next step would be for our teachers to do away with all this ridiculous political correctness. While they’re at it, they might teach respect and honor for our men and women in blue.

And finally, please tell me when I have stereotyped anyone. If stating the obvious is stereotyping, then the liberal tag team needs to re-calibrate their attacks on me. Calling me a bigot only reduces your argument to what it really is: juvenile name-calling.

Chuck Smith



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