Former Delaware County 9-1-1 director gets new job


Two Delaware County staff members were promoted last week and will be filling roles the county had left vacant in a newly created position.

The county announced last week that Patrick Brandt will be the new Delaware County emergency communications (9-1-1) director and Brian Galligher will be the county’s new director of safety and security.

County Administrator Tim Hansley said Tuesday that the promotions are the result of an unusual set of circumstances. Hansley explained that Galligher had been the 9-1-1 director until he was called back into active duty in the Navy. While Galligher was away, Brandt was promoted to acting director.

Hansley said Brandt did a great job as acting director but, when Galligher came back, there were essentially two men doing the same job.

County officials looked at other positions throughout county government that were unfilled and molded several positions into one job — Delaware County director of safety and security — which they gave to Galligher, Hansley said.

The duties of the new position will be to essentially act as the dog warden, oversee the security contracts for the security personnel at the Delaware County Courthouse and the Hayes Building, oversee local fire drills and safety training programs, and coordinate between local agencies and Delaware Emergency Management Agency.

“The commissioners are trying to fill holes with people that have experience in certain areas,” Galligher said. “A new challenge is always a good thing and it’s a need in the county. It’ll be a learning experience but it molds in well with my military experience.”

Brandt will oversee the 9-1-1 dispatch center and is responsible for hiring and training staff there.

By Glenn Battishill

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