‘Extreme weather has never been out of ordinary’


To the editor:

This letter is in response to past letters to the editor, in which the letter writers love to blame every weather event on global warming.

Global warming has been blamed for increased hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, extreme temperatures and other things like coral reefs dying, oceans rising and polar bears going extinct. Some are now blaming terrorism on global warming. Obama even blames his daughter’s asthma on global warming.

The first thing we must understand is, extreme weather has never been out of the ordinary — since Noah’s flood. The second thing we must understand is, scientists now have satellites and other advanced equipment that can identify and record modern weather events that would have gone unrecorded in the past, making it difficult to validate whether these events have been increasing. Many scientists say, “There is insufficient evidence to clearly identify global warming as a cause of extreme weather events.”

The Heritage Foundation’s Nicolas Loris points out, “Flaws discovered in the scientific assessment of climate change have shown that the scientific consensus is not as settled as the public had been led to believe.” Leaked emails and documents from various universities and researchers have “revealed conspiracy, exaggerated warming data, possibly illegal destruction and manipulation of data, and attempts to freeze out dissenting scientists from publishing their work in reputable journals.” Furthermore, the “gaffes” that have been exposed in the United Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports “have only increased skepticism” about the credibility of this scientific theory.

The alarmists love to demonize the use of fossil fuels, but the truth is, fossil fuels has improved the quality of life for millions, even billions, of people. It has also “saved” the lives of untold millions. What would your life be like, if you would have never used fossil fuels?

Ron and Debbie Boggs




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