Delaware Police report:

A father and his teenage daughter were fighting Sunday night at their residence on Executive Boulevard. When police arrived, they learned the man and his daughter were arguing about who would wash the dishes. Neither party claimed injury or criminal actions. No charges were filed.

A 14-year-old boy made a mess of his room and left his East Lincoln Avenue house without permission Monday afternoon. The mother told police the boy may have headed to the local skate park. Officers found the boy at the park but the boy refused to return home with officers. When an officer attempted to take him into custody, he physically resisted but was finally taken into custody by officers and returned to his mother. Unruly juvenile charges will be forwarded to the Delaware County Juvenile Court.

A 21-year-old attempted to steal alcohol from Kroger’s on Columbus Pike Monday night. However, before he could leave the store, he was stopped and police were called. Police issued the man a summons to appear in court to face a charge of petty theft.

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