‘Vitriol, hatred and division is new norm’


To the editor:

This letter is the last letter I will write in defense of my character, faith and education. Tony Marconi is obviously having trouble dealing with adulthood, and I’m sick and tired of playing his juvenile condescending games (Your View, “The importance of the teachable moment,” Dec. 11).

At a time in the history of our beloved country where vitriol, hatred and division is the new norm, we have much more to write about than the ideologies of two men. I will admit that I have only a bachelor of science degree from Purdue University. Hardly a match for someone who continues to tell me how smart and educated he is.

The Lord has given me many gifts, not the least of which is common sense. I’m not going to waste a lot of my time or, more importantly, the reader’s time, responding to Tony Marconi’s letter. It would be so easy to disclose, in each sentence of his letter, the distortions and untruths, but why?

People who know me are aware of what my words and values are. Conversely, people also know of Tony Marconi’s vitriolic rambling.

So I will rest my case, and let the intelligent, truth-searching, fair-minded citizens of Delaware decide whether they want to take the high road, or revert to childish name-calling. To you, Mr. Tony Marconi, I say goodbye and “Merry Christmas,” with the emphasis on Christ.

Chuck Smith



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