‘Progressives’ way to conquering young Americans’ minds’


To the editor:

If you ever wondered why America and many of its young people are as messed up as they are, all you have to do is read Professor Marty J. Kalb’s letter in the Dec. 7 Gazette (“‘Nothing but inaction and platitudes”).

I know not his party affiliation, if any, nor does it matter. His words are proof enough that he is a progressive thinker and supporter of progressive government, and that is the answer as to why America and many of its young people are so messed up.

Professor Kalb makes the same error in judgment that a lot of people make in thinking that the problem is gun violence. Guns are not violent; they are just a tool used by many violent people but, by no means, are they the only tool.

Another mistake he makes is thinking that somehow another law is going to make any difference, when the hundreds of gun laws have made none as far as ending gun-related killings. All they’ve done is make it harder for peaceful, law-abiding citizens to purchase a gun for self-defense, which everyone has a right to (even Professor Kalb himself), or for hunting or just target-shooting.

He labels all guns as weapons of war, another progressive idea. The weapons used in the San Bernardino radical Islamist terrorist attack were indeed weapons of war because they were fully automatic, and there are already laws prohibiting their ownership without possessing a federal firearms license. How well did that law work?

The problem with progressives is that they are only interested in making peaceful, law-abiding Americans defenseless, and that includes their progressive-thinking supporters such as Professor Kalb. My questions to him are: Does that really make him feel safer — being unable to protect his own life or those of his loved ones from someone intent on doing them bodily harm or killing them? Or are your life or those of your loved ones that valueless that they are not worth defending?

His statement that “When you deny people the ability to acquire guns, people will not be killed” is probably the strongest argument for why progressive-thinking professors have no business teaching America’s youth. Teach anything, even if you know it’s wrong, is clearly the progressives’ way to conquering young Americans’ minds. That is what’s more appropriately called indoctrination.

If Professor Kalb feels safer being unarmed and defenseless, maybe he should try moving to some other country, like North Korea, North Vietnam, Russia, China, Iran or Syria, where citizens are forbidden to possess firearms; only police or military personnel can. But then, it is they that you have to worry about killing you.

If freedom is so worthless to you that it makes you feel unsafe, by all means try one of the places I listed above, but please don’t rob me and other peace-loving, law-abiding Americans of ours. We love it and will protect it from the progressive government you so thoughtlessly support — with our firearms, if needed. That, my friends, is what the Second Amendment is all about.

Stefan Schemine



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