Letter to the editor: ‘Common sense tells me to question today’s predictions’


To the editor:

I see by reading the Dec. 16 Gazette that the topic of man-caused global climate change has returned as the topic of discussion.

In David W. Carpenter’s letter (“Climate change not just an idea or opinion”), he states: “Climate change isn’t just an idea or opinion. It is based on data and understandings that have been accumulating, challenged and reviewed for nearly two centuries. The basic energy balance of the planet was calculated … in the early 1800s.” A note of interest is that he just calls it “climate change,” which has been occurring naturally since earth’s creation. But this is not what he’s really talking about. Like most catastrophic man-caused global climate change alarmists, he purposely omits using the term “man-caused catastrophic global climate change” in an effort to help validate his statements, kind of like a used-car salesman.

Professor Gordon Aubrecht, in his letter in the same edition (“It’s prudent to have insurance”), states: “Scientists deal in probabilities rather than proof; as I have explained previously, scientific proof does not exist, so it would be scientifically impossible to prove that the cause of a weather event is global warming.” Notice that he, too, will not use the term “catastrophic man-caused” either. That is an interesting statement coming from a physics professor, as it seems that ever since this man-caused catastrophic global climate-change fiasco began, every major weather event that has occurred has been blamed on man’s activity.

Common sense tells me to question today’s predictions, if they are based on a mixture of data collected nearly two centuries ago, when instruments to collect it were either non-existent, or not as accurate as today’s instrumentation. If so, it would surely taint today’s predictions.

So with no available scientific proof of anything, how could any sane person, scientist or not, justify spending mounting trillions of taxpayers’ money, the increased cost of everything we purchase, our freedoms, and the very sovereignty of America itself, on just an unprovable hunch?

You see, we who question man-caused catastrophic global climate change, do so for many reasons —the first of which is that we value these things highly and know that, once taken from us, (they) will never be returned — ever.

Secondly, we have learned from experience that our government does not really have our best interests in mind, as proven by its actions, and it is the major promoter of this man-caused catastrophic global climate-change movement, spending trillions of our dollars on it, passing laws that both take away our freedoms and cause devastating increased costs to consumers and — with President Obama’s push to get control of the movement into the hands of the United Nations before he leaves office — the very sovereignty of the United States Of America.

Does anyone but me smell an evil agenda here, one that could most likely lead to a one-world government, with all living under Third World conditions? Perhaps that is what we should really be worried about. Don’t be afraid to question or demand proof, when so much is at stake. It really is about saving the world — but not from any catastrophic climate change, man-caused or natural.

Stefan Schemine



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