Letter to the editor: ‘We will miss Buehler’s greatly’


To the editor:

It was very upsetting to learn that our Buehler’s store will be closing. We have been shopping there since 1975 when we moved to Delaware.

I assume we also are losing the Mill restaurant where I enjoy the best salad bar in town. Where else will I find the best deli meats, the best quality produce and meats? The produce is often grown in Ohio, too. I always have difficulty walking past the bakery, where most of their products have 0 grams of hydrogenated oils (trans fats). There are several products we do not even find in other stores.

They are one of the few stores where I can easily find someone to assist me when looking for a specific product. Their friendliness and service are unmatched. Where else can you have someone put your groceries in the car for you and you are not standing in the rain or snow?

Alas, I guess people do not want to pay for service and quality anymore. Life is only about the price. You have to use the Internet to constantly search for the lowest price or even print off your own coupons. That is why businesses shout that you will get 70 percent off or $7,000 marked down. We should all know the fictitious prices are subtracted from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, which no one pays anyway.

I recently received a coupon in the mail that I thought I could use in a couple of days when I made the trip into town. When I presented the coupon to the cashier, they informed me it was only valid the next two days, which my old eyes could not read the dates. I threw it way.

At Buehler’s, they keep track of your points and the cashier informs you when you have $10 that can be credited to your bill today. What a pleasure it is to shop there, and we will miss it greatly.

Michael Slicker



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