Letter to the editor: ‘Do you desire to have government dictate your every move?’


To the editor:

After reading Tony Marconi’s column (“ISIS: How did we get here?,” Dec. 18), I thought to myself: For once I think he’s right. I also thought: Wow, I couldn’t have written a better description of the fruits of progressive government myself. I thank you, Mr. Marconi.

World war taught politicians and big industrialists that war was a big money-maker for both. Thus began the purchase of our government by big business. That is when politicians began saying, “to hell with the people.” That is when “we the people” lost control of our government to progressivism. That is when big money began to trump our votes. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us to “beware of the military, industrial complex.” Boy, was he ever right — but nobody listened.

Progressive government is now in the business of “nation building,” using the blood of our military to do it. It does not care about other people’s wishes to live as they wish, any more than they care about ours. … Middle East oil became an excuse for war. Nation building, to make others live our ways, is a step in the progressive government’s march to a one-world government. …

In his credentials at the end of Mr. Marconi’s column, it lists “retired teacher” and “longtime social justice advocate.” So I must ask him: Where’s the justice in creating a one-world government that none of the people can vote for? Isn’t that a worldwide dictatorship? And, why do you, Mr. Marconi, so avidly support America’s progressive government? Do you not enjoy your freedom? Do you not enjoy your right to vote? Do you not enjoy your right to improve your life as you wish? Or do you desire to have government dictate your every move?

And just what have you been teaching our children?

Stefan Schemine



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