Pulte Homes amendment request tabled


Sunbury Village Council has tabled legislation to amend a development plan for Pulte Homes’ Sunbury Meadows.

Pulte Homes had a continued public hearing and third reading of an ordinance for the development plan amendment for a portion of Sunbury Meadows east of State Route 3 during the Jan. 6 Village Council meeting.

On the advice of legal counsel, council members tabled the ordinance until its Jan. 20 meeting.

In 2014 PulteGroup acquired the real estate assets of Dominion Homes. Those assets included the unfinished 275-acre Sunbury Meadows development that was approved in 2005.

Pulte Homes recently began developing Sunbury Meadows’ Section 8 east of SR 3 in line with the original approved development plan, but wants to alter the remainder of the east side of the development to allow a more diverse housing mix, smaller, empty-nester homes, a possible assisted living center, and the option for a recreation center.

One point of contention when members of the Village Planning & Zoning Commission heard the amendment request was the possibility of multi-family housing in the development’s flex areas.

In a revised plan presented to zoning by Pulte Homes representative Steve Peck, all references to multi-family housing was removed.

During the Jan. 6 continued public hearing, Peck explained that the requested amendment to the Sunbury Meadows development plan was only for the 114 acres east of SR 3.

“This proposed amendment does not change any development standards,” Peck said. “The amendment diversifies housing opportunities and development on the east side of Route 3, and allows the possibility of land for a village recreation center. It does reduce housing density.”

Peck said Sub Areas A and B would have, at minimum, the same lot size and housing standards that exist on the west side of State Route 3; Sub Area E would provide new opportunities for low-maintenance empty-nester homes; and Sub Areas F and G would be flex areas that could revert to single-family homes.

Village Solicitor David Brehm said because of changes that might reduce the number of lots and Dominion Homes had signed an agreement to pre-pay sewer taps for the number of units originally platted, there were questions about what would happen if Pulte Homes overpaid tap fees.

“I recommend you continue with this because the development agreement is not ready tonight,” Brehm said. “Table it tonight after the third reading and bring it up for a vote during the next council meeting.”

By Lenny C. Lepola

For The Gazette

Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093. Email: [email protected].

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