Letter to the editor: We have ‘lost control’ of our educational system


To the editor:

If you would take a good, honest look at our one-sided educational system, you can clearly see that we have lost control of it, and that is an extremely dangerous situation.

It is completely run by a progressive liberal federal government and, for the most part, administered by and taught by progressive liberals.

At age 73, I no longer have children in school, and I am a long way from my school days. But I have an advantage over the young teachers and their students. I was lucky enough to be educated in parochial schools, before they subjected themselves to the ravages of federal government control, by accepting government funds or lunch programs, and before progressive liberal government aggressively began re-writing history.

I also had grandparents who lived through World War I, parents who lived through World War II, and both who lived through the Great Depression. So I had people who could confirm that what I was being taught in history class was true; they all lived through it. I doubt there are many teachers remaining today who were that lucky.

Adolf Hitler knew that in order to control the people, he had to first control the minds of their children, the future generation, and he was successful by using his control of the educational system, dictating everything that could be taught — not unlike our progressive liberal government is doing today. One must realize, regardless of political persuasion, that it does not want anyone to know what it is doing today, nor what it has done in the past. That is why, through their ownership of our educational system, they have been actively re-writing history. I doubt many of today’s teachers have heard the adage “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” No truer words were ever spoken.

I’m in no way faulting today’s teachers, for they have been indoctrinated by progressive liberal professors in our institutes of higher learning. Boy, how that title has become a joke. …

We the people have allowed this to happen through our lack of attention to the actions of the government we elect. It is we the people who have allowed ourselves to be convinced that we are incapable of doing things for ourselves and it is only the federal government that knows what’s best for us. It is we the people who have brought on this federal government assault on our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and soon neither will exist. … It is we the people who have lost control of our government and it is only we the people who can get it back. God knows there’s no one else who’s going to do it for us.

Stefan Schemine



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