Delaware author keeps ‘Rising Above’


Delaware resident Lu Ann Topovski’s second “Rising Above” book will be released on Feb. 9.

The book is “Rising Above Modern Day Relationships: When Two Become One.” Topovski said that the book is about “finding love in a modern-day relationship, with a biblical perspective.”

“I really felt led by God to start writing this book so I started writing and I started writing about Adam and Eve,” said Topovski. From this starting point, the book takes the reader through an exploration of “the reality of abuse of power within the world, church, and within marriages,” she said.

The book includes many references to the Bible. “My books are Scripture-based, they’re not religiously based,” she explained.

The book also tells some of Topovski’s own story, which she said she used as an example throughout the book.

Topovski’s message is one of hope. “If anyone reads this book, they’ll see that I’m proof that you can walk away from an abusive marriage and have your life again,” she said.

“Even though I am divorced and there was a lot of pain for me and my kids, I still think it’s possible. I still have hope because I have a relationship with Jesus and it’s with that relationship that I had the strength and courage to do what I know is right for me and that was to divorce and move on from that relationship.”

Topovski’s desire to shape her book around Scripture stems from her education at Ashland Theological Seminary where she said, “if there was ever a dispute we would take it back to the original.” In focusing on “the original” text, rather than the dogma of one particular denomination, Topovski said she has been able to offer new insight into applying the Scripture to modern-day relationships.

“This book is really written to myself because this is what I know I need to do for me. It just so happened to be turned into a book,” said Topovski. “I talk about telling my own story and healing so that I can move on because, ultimately, that’s what it’s about, moving on and having a relationship that’s real and authentic.”

Topovski said she hopes that sharing her story will help readers to see that “life is all about moving forward.”

“We begin again. So all is not lost because of a broken marriage, a broken heart,” she said.

Topovski’s own journey is not yet over and she plans to continue to tell about it in her third book, which she hopes to call “Rising Above the Ashes.” She said she plans for this book to focus on “the importance of being honest and true to ourselves.”

“You can’t have fun where you’re living a lie. I want to live the truth. It’s more fun and I think that we should have fun.”

“Rising Above Modern Day Relationships: When Two Become One” will be available at Barnes and Noble stores as well Delaware County libraries. Topovski can be contacted at P.O. Box 180, Lewis Center OH 43035 or at [email protected]. Her website is

“If people download my e-book there are links to songs and/or monologues after each chapter where they can click on the link and enjoy the videos and two monologues,” she added. “I include contemporary Christian, country and pop artists in this second book. The links are included in my paper book for those who would like to Google the links and songs.”

Her first book was “Rising Above: Dealing with Our Past/Making Way for Our Future.”

Lu Ann Topovski’s second book is titled “Rising Above Modern Day Relationships: When Two Become One.” Ann Topovski’s second book is titled “Rising Above Modern Day Relationships: When Two Become One.”
Topovski’s new book comes out Feb. 9

By Megan Neary

For The Gazette

Megan Neary can be reached at [email protected].

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