Letter to the editor: ‘As I take one of my final trips around the store …’


To the editor:

I stroll the aisles of the store, looking at the shelves becoming more and more empty. I greet all of our longtime customers, who stop to share stories of “the old store” and how great our employees are; how we will be missed in the community; how their children worked here; how their children rode Sandy the horse; how we helped out all of the organizations within Delaware with donations; how we helped the Delaware city and Buckeye Valley schools with donations; and so many other great things that Buehler’s did for their community.

We have the best employees around. This team cannot be beat. Some of our employees have more than 35 to 40 years of service and are still working for us. This is amazing!

As I continue to round the aisles, I begin to think of all of the great things that have happened over the years: Becoming involved in the Delaware County Fair again; and participating in all of the parades around Delaware. Our employees, as well as those along the parade route, enjoyed seeing us. I guess Buehler’s did become a sort of an iconic symbol in Delaware.

As I talk with a lot of our customers, they remark that it was always a social event when you would go to Buehler’s because you would see everyone you knew and would get caught up on things.

Well, as I take one of my final trips around the store, I want to say “thanks” — first, to all of the great employees at Buehler’s for all their hard work and efforts each day to make Buehler’s such a great place to shop and work. If it were not for these great employees, my job would have been much harder. They made it easy. We definitely are a family.

Thanks to the Buehlers for coming to Delaware 47 years ago.

Thanks to the community for your support over the years and your kind words you have shared with us over the last several weeks.

Delaware is a great community and a great place to raise a family.

Well, it’s almost time to turn the key for the last time, so I want to take this opportunity to thank my family here at Buehler’s for a great 10 years. You all did an awesome job. …

I want to especially thank my family for all they have done with me here at Buehler’s. …

I want to thank my family, my wife, Chris, and daughters Molly and Maddie for all their support over the years. I want to also thank my son-in-law, John, and grandson, MJ, for all their support and help over the years as well. We could not have done things without each of you. They have been involved as much as I have in this community and I want to thank them. I know there were times I missed soccer games, basketball games, cross country meets and band competitions, but we all knew that was Dad’s job and they understood. I will miss having Maddie come to the store during the holidays and helping me when I would close at night. I will always keep the memories close to my heart.

George Wisener

Store manager

Buehler’s Fresh Foods



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