Delaware police report:

A 2-year-old and his 3-year-old brother were wandering the neighborhood Thursday afternoon in the area of Lehner Woods. Officers found the brothers were clothed in T-shirts and pajama pants, not winter clothes. Their home is on the other side of the neighborhood. Officers spoke to the children’s father and found that he was intoxicated. Police believe the boys let themselves out while their father was asleep. The father was arrested on child endangering charges and held at the Delaware County Jail. The boys were unharmed and released to their mother. Delaware County Children’s Services is investigating.

Two women were shoplifting at Wal-Mart Thursday afternoon. Wal-Mart loss-prevention employees reported that one woman was concealing merchandise in a large bag and the other was acting as a lookout — before they left the store without buying anything. Officers stopped and arrested the women. The women were charged with theft and complicity to commit theft, and taken to the Delaware County Jail. The value of the stolen items was $120.

An employee of a business on Pennsylvania Avenue received unwanted calls at work Thursday afternoon. The woman said that her former partner was contacting her regarding an ongoing custody battle and would not stop calling. Police contacted the man and ordered him to stop calling the business. No charges were filed.

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