Letter to the editor: ‘Progressive politicians are keeping the poor poorer’


To the editor:

In order for one to see things, one must open his/her eyes; in order for one to understand things, one must have an open mind.

Mr. (Tony) Marconi’s letter (“There is no proof of the existence of such a trend,” Jan. 20) is proof that he has done neither.

It is good that we agreed on several things in my Jan. 14 letter (“Do you desire government dictate your every move?”) but, if he was really interested in how we got to where we are, he must also want to know who is responsible. But he doesn’t — because it was those progressives, regardless of political party, whose ideology he shares. He has closed his eyes and mind to that fact.

Progressivism has remained mostly hidden from the public until recently — hidden within the Democratic Party. But, in all reality, it is a complete and separate political party in and of itself that has successfully infiltrated the Republican Party also. That is the reason why we have a Congress today that has become useless, ceding its authority to the president. That is why he has acted more like a dictator than a president.

The only good thing Hillary Clinton has ever done was acknowledge to the American public, on the national news, that she was a progressive liberal Democrat. Now most people probably thought that “progressive” stood for progress, but I can assure them that it does not. The only reason progressivism was so successful in remaining hidden for so long within both political parties is the fact that too many people pay little or no attention to the actions of politicians; and most who do soon forget. That is why it has been able to spread, like an undetected cancer throughout our government. None of its actions have meant progress for the nation. The poor remain poor, the middle class is getting poorer, and the rich are getting richer. If that’s progress, I’ll eat my hat.

In the closing paragraph of his letter, he claims to welcome an informed exchange of ideas on most topics. He goes on to state, “I want to stress, however, that my emphasis is on ‘informed.’”

Well, Mr. Marconi, I think it’s about time that you begin informing yourself about the ideology you adhere to. You call yourself an advocate for social justice (and) you feel good about trying to help racial minorities and the poor; yet, through your political blindness, you cannot see that that ideology is working against your efforts. Progressive politicians are keeping the poor poorer, by creating more members of that class on a daily basis.

You want proof of that? Just look at how many members of the middle class that progressive liberal Democrat President Obama has put on food stamps so far during his tenure. Those are from differing ethnic classes, all taxpaying workers, transformed from contributors to society to beggars of government — all because of progressive liberal policies and wasteful spending.

You say you will continue to condemn and label prejudice and discrimination when it is proffered by anyone as an alternative to common decency. Well, a good place to start condemning is in Washington, D.C., in the Oval Office, Congress and the Supreme Court, all of which are controlled by progressive liberals. You won’t, though, because you prefer to remain comfortable in your blind state, rather than be proven wrong.

As for there being no proof of the existence of a trend toward a “one-world government,” anyone who thinks that is totally ignorant of world history. That has been the goal of many governments for thousands of years. It is, in fact, the goal of today’s progressive liberal government, using the United Nations, a world body, to achieve it. As a matter of fact, I do believe that is the same goal ISIS desires: a one-world government under Sharia Law. Whoever wins, we the people, regardless of ethnicity, lose.

Stefan Schemine



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