Letter to the editor: ‘This is the citizens’ cemetery and we want your input’


To the editor:

A little over three years have passed since the city of Delaware in November 2012 stepped in to take over Oak Grove Cemetery operations. Much has been accomplished as Oak Grove celebrates its 165th year in 2016.

Through the Delaware Parks and Natural Resource Department, dead trees and shrubs have been removed, paths in the older sections have been paved and pot holes have been fixed. The green service barn has been restored and we are working on restoring the red barn. We also are restoring and straightening many markers and cleaning up our service area by the back gate. In the near future we hope to develop a new section and tackle fence repair and replacement. Thanks to donations, front gate flowerbeds and sign beds have been refreshed. New perennial flowers, trees and shrubs enhance the entrance.

Wreaths honor our great veterans in the cemetery’s Soldier’s Circle through donations to the national “Wreaths across America” program. On Memorial Day, with the support of several Delaware County veteran organizations, a “Parade of Flags” of 40 American flags on 10-foot poles lines pathways from the front gate to the Soldier’s Circle. This spring, funds will be available to feature more flags leading to more veteran sections.

We have been blessed by volunteer efforts from many, including individuals, scout groups, church groups, Ohio Wesleyan students and nearly 200 employees from a local manufacturing company. Tasks have included picking up sticks, raking leaves, straightening markers and painting a quarter-mile of fence along Sandusky Street.

In 2016 the city will begin work on a cemetery master plan for facilities and development. This will include the consideration of memory gardens, columbaria and future use of available land. Plans are in the works to establish a citizens cemetery advisory committee in 2016. Our wish is that interested citizens play a larger role in Oak Grove oversight. This is the citizens’ cemetery and we want your input. This spring we hope to launch a new cemetery software package. This will allow relatives to more easily locate loved ones’ graves and assist with genealogy research.

As you can see, a lot of good things are happening at Oak Grove Cemetery. If you have a question about any of these topics or the cemetery in general, please phone cemetery administrator Carolyn Ringley at 740-363-2971 or email [email protected].

Lee Yoakum

Community affairs coordinator

City of Delaware


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