Letter to the editor: ‘Why don’t the powers that be listen?’


To the editor:

The city and county seem to think their views are the same as their citizens.

The truck stop on U.S. 23 was opposed by an overwhelming (number) of Delaware citizens, yet the city gave it a green light. Same with the mall, yet it is almost completed.

There were claims that they would be bringing in all of these jobs, yet anyone who has ever worked retail knows that these are not high-paying jobs. If they are lucky, they may make $10 or $11 per hour. As we all know, you cannot pay rent, buy groceries, gas or pay for utilities on those wages.

U.S. 36 is already a traffic nightmare. More and more developments are getting approved. As I have said in other letters to the editor, when an area grows, more drugs and crime comes along with it. This not only hurts us but it hurts our young people.

It seems that the elected officials around Delaware only want the area to grow so they will be assured of a large pension; then they will move on to a warmer climate and you can be assured they will be receiving a large portion of what they are receiving now.

Why don’t the powers that be listen? Maybe because we, as taxpayers and citizens, have allowed this to happen, most of us feel that there is nothing that we can do. This is happening not just on a local level but on the state and national levels also.

It seems the people we elect are just doing what they want, only focusing on what is good for them, not for the rest of us. We need to get a watchdog committee started or something of that nature to make sure that our elected officials are doing the right thing and that they are listening to what we, the taxpayers, really want.

Also, in my opinion, every elected official — from the president down — should be required to submit to random drug testing. Many of us have to do this for our jobs. Why are the elected officials any different?

Paul Ray



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