Letter to the editor: ‘Do you think these are good things for America?’


To the editor:

Tears of laughter were streaming down my cheeks well before I reached the end of Rev. (William) McCartney’s letter to the editor Feb. 8 (“A recent chapter in gutter politics by two GOP candidates …”). What got me laughing was him decrying dirty politics and his seeming surprise of the GOP’s involvement. Well, Rev. McCartney, what party do you suppose they learned it from? It was your progressive liberal Democrat party, the experts in the art of dirty politics.

In his statement “In a nation whose coinage affirms ‘e pluribus unum’ (out of many, one) and whose people proclaim, ‘United we stand,’ it’s destructively un-American to diminish others so viciously,” I found it odd that a reverend would (forget) to mention “In God we trust” from said coinage, but then again, isn’t it his progressive liberal Democrat party that would love to get all that removed entirely? “Out of many, one” — they think that means only one ruling party, the progressive liberal one. “United we stand” — unity among us is taboo to them. And “In God we trust” — they want no belief in God whatsoever.

About the GOP candidates’ knee-jerk criticism of Obama’s visit to a Muslim mosque: It was not that he visited a Muslim mosque; it was that he chose to visit that particular one, known for its radicalizing of Muslims. I would think that for one who claims to be a Christian, he could have chosen one that doesn’t.

My question is: Why does a Christian reverend have such undying respect and allegiance to the man responsible for the rapid rise of ISIS, who we all know have an undying love of Christians and Jews, proven by their many tortures, rapes, crucifixions, burnings alive, and beheadings of so many of them? I think that criticism is well-deserved.

As for President Obama showing leadership in bridge-building with our Muslim citizenry here and our Muslim co-inhabitants of the planet, there seems to be more bridges being built to ensure unfettered entry of the radical element of the Muslim community into the United States. You know the element I just described above, the one he can’t bring himself to call “radical.” I would hardly call that a “creative possibility,” unless I was a progressive liberal like Rev. McCartney, that is.

His last paragraph was a real gut-buster: “Yes, politics has gotten worse. One wonders if after presidential hopefuls have finished destroying good sense, good will, courageous vision and responsible action, there’ll be enough real unity and resolve left to keep building on the good things that are happening in our nation today.” Sadly, all those attributes are gone from our government today, stolen in the dark of the night, behind closed doors by its progressive element.

My question to that statement, good Rev. McCartney, is: What the hell good things are you talking about? Are they the record national debt; the record unemployment (rate); the increasing numbers going on food stamps; the rapid devaluation of our currency; the movement of our industries to foreign lands; the blatant disregard of our Constitution and Bill of Rights by our president, Congress and Supreme Court, Republican and Democrat alike; efforts to divide us as a people by race, class, gender, economic status or any other way they can think of; (and) the destruction of the middle class? Or maybe it’s the blatant disrespect of our police and military personnel, who are charged with our protection, and their seeming love of lawbreakers? Really, Rev. McCartney, do you think these are good things for America? I certainly don’t think so.

Stefan Schemine



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