OLS academic update provided, State Report Card part one


Olentangy Local Schools did not get straight A’s on part one of the 2014-15 State Report Card — the results were two A’s and a C.

The district received A’s for its four-year and five-year graduation rates, but a C for K-3 literacy rates.

The student graduation rate within four years for the Class of 2014 was 98.3 percent; and the student graduation rate within five years for the class of 2013 was 98.4 percent. Both equate to A grades.

The K-3 literacy rates measured the percentage of students in kindergarten through third grade who had been reading below their grade level but have since improved. The K-3 literacy percent was 57.8, which was a C grade. Olentangy was unrated in 2013-14 because less than 5 percent of the students were reading below their grade level.

Most central Ohio districts have received a C or worse on the K-3 literacy measure.

“The C was expected,” said chief academic officer Jack Fette, in a report to the school board on Feb. 11. “It’s part of our data, and we’re going to own it. We’re striving for all A’s.”

“Everyone is going to be going through this,” said board member Roger Bartz. “It’s beyond our control.”

“Validity and reliability of some of the data remains in question, but we will still use this information as one measure to evaluate our success in facilitating maximum learning for every student,” Fette said.

Another measure on part one of the Report Card, “Prepared for Success,” was not graded, but will starting in 2016. Prepared for Success measures ACT and SAT scores, along with other data.

Part 2 of the State Report Card includes the Performance Index, value-added growth/progress, and gap closing measures. It is expected to be released next week on Feb. 25.

The Olentangy district looks at other measures beyond the state’s report card, Fette said. An “Academic Continuous Improvement Plan” for 2015-16 has two goals: “Employ effective practices in curriculum, assessment, and instruction to earn the highest possible ratings on the district state report card by September 2016” and “Develop each student as a college and career ready individual demonstrated by each student earning college credit or completing a career development program prior to graduation beginning with the class of 2018.”

To that end, Fette said the district is: working on local curriculum blueprints; partnering with Otterbein University on teacher professional development courses; increasing the amount of personalized learning at the elementary level and blended learning at the high school level, as well as the Global Scholars pilot program; increasing the amount of screening to see which students need help; and participating in a special education audit by the Ohio Department of Education.


By Gary Budzak

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