Delaware police report:

A man said he was assaulted by some strangers in the area of Oak Hill Avenue Wednesday night. The man said he was trying to get into a party at a neighbor’s house, without being invited, and men outside the party assaulted him. Police spoke to two men who identified themselves as the suspects. However, they told officers that the man tried to follow them into the party and would not leave. They also denied assaulting the man.

A mother and her 11-year-old son got into a fight Thursday afternoon at their home on Liberty Road. Officers learned the son refused to go school earlier in the day but finally did. When he returned home, however, he was aggressive with his mother, punching and kicking her. The mother said she was not harmed but said this is a routine event because the son has some behavioral health issues. Officers intervened and a charge of unruly juvenile behavior was forwarded to Delaware County Juvenile Court.

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