Letter to the editor: ‘I believe we must nourish to flourish’


To the editor:

How fortunate we are to have one of the top school systems in the state of Ohio. Perhaps your children were products of the Olentangy Local Schools; or, like me, you have grandchildren who are current students. Perhaps you don’t have children, yet realize the great benefit of having an outstanding school system in our community, as it dramatically increases property value. Any way you slice it, having a top-notch school system in our community is a big win for everyone!

Surprisingly, our schools receive 88 percent less funds than the state’s average per-pupil state funding. As citizens, we have an opportunity (and an obligation) to help remedy that deficit. On March 15, we have the privilege of voting for the Olentangy school ballot issue. With one simple yet powerful act, we can do our part to ensure a quality education for our young citizens.

As a resident and, of course, as a grandparent, I believe we must nourish to flourish. Please help us cultivate the best possible environment for our future generations to grow. Please vote “yes” on March 15 to help nurture a strong, stable and attractive community for all its residents.

Every vote counts and together we can make a difference.

Judy Gray



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