Letter to the editor: ‘Everything you are against’


To the editor:

Today we are watching how our government works under this administration. When the untimely death of a wonderful, constitutionalist, long-serving Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, occurred, the entire nation noticed that the president did not attend the funeral mass. Nothing new here, as he did not attend the funerals of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, the only U.S. military general killed in the war with Islamic terrorists, or the funeral of any of the thousands of military members killed in action or the hundreds of police officers who died in the line of duty.

No problem here, though, because he did find time to meet with Black Lives Matter members, Al Sharpton, Congressman Elisa Cummings, and an entire room full of those who disregard our laws and are treated as champions of democracy in the People’s House, the White House, the same week as Justice Scalia’s death and funeral. Mr. Obama did find time to meet with those who burned down Ferguson, Missouri, and those who destroyed parts of Baltimore. Yes, Mr. Obama, I would say your priorities are vacuous of common sense, decency and patriotism.

Mr. Obama did find time to go on TV immediately after hearing of Justice Scalia’s death to tell us all that it was his constitutional duty to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice and that it is the Senate’s duty to grant a hearing and vote. You are absolutely right, Mr. President — that is your constitutional duty. It is also the constitutional right of the Senate to reject your nominee.

But since you mention your constitutional duty, Mr. President, where did you leave your constitutional duty when you let “sanctuary cities” blatantly disregard federal immigration laws? Where did you leave your constitutional duty when you ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to disregard federal laws? Where did you leave your constitutional duty when the federal government (did) nothing, allowing several states voted to sell and grow illegal drugs against federal laws? Where did you leave your constitutional duty when you packed the labor relations board with union Democrats, stating the Senate was not in session (and) stating it was your duty to make vacancy appointments, which were subsequently overturned by the Supreme Court, your nemesis.

Sometimes I question whether you really are an American. You bow to foreign Islamic leaders, make election speeches in foreign countries which have no voters that can vote in our elections. Mr. President, you found time to meet with the communist leader of Cuba and visit Cuba, but you cannot find time to pay respects to the longest-serving Supreme Court Justice. If it was the funeral of a liberal Justice, you would have been there with bells on, taking over the center of attention. Anyone with an IQ higher than my shoe size knows exactly why you did not attend Justice Scalia’s funeral. Justice Scalia stood for everything you are against — the Constitution of the United States.

Christopher A. Acker



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