Letter to the editor: ‘My return on investment … is well worth it’


To the editor:

The Olentangy Local School District has a great story to tell. It is one of the best multi-high school districts not only in Ohio, but also in the nation. Our students are recognized for their performances not only in the classroom, but on the field, in the gym, on the stage, in the community, on the mat, in the pool, on teams and individually. Not a day goes by when our students aren’t accomplishing greatness.

Olentangy is a destination community and many people want to be a part of it. We have been the fastest growing school district in the state for the last 15 years – adding 18 new school buildings during that time to accommodate growth. These buildings have been built and been in operation because our voters have said, “Yes, I support our schools” — for which I am most grateful.

The district has been very prudent with the money our voters have approved in the past as the district spends less per pupil than the state’s average and our similar districts’ average. The last operating levy was supposed to last three years but, due to the enactment of financial efficiencies, the district has stretched that promise to five years.

On March 15, the district is asking for additional funding for operating expenses, permanent improvements and a fourth high school. The money is needed to accommodate growth and to continue our existing programs. As a taxpayer with children no longer in the district, I only need to look at the success of my own daughters — who are now a school teacher and a dean’s list college junior — to know that my return on investment in our school district is well worth it. I want all Olentangy students to have the opportunities that my daughters had.

Therefore, I’m asking you to join me and my husband, a former Olentangy student, by voting “yes” for our schools on or before March 15.

Julie Wagner Feasel

Lewis Center

Editor’s note: The letter writer has been a member of the Olentangy school board since 2006.


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