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It’s almost spring, and here at the Delaware County District Library that means it’s time for a new issue of “Check It Out” to hit the shelves. “Check It Out” is DCDL’s quarterly newsletter and calendar that features some of the exciting things we’re working on.

This issue covers programs and events happening at all four of the DCDL branches during March, April and May. It also gives a sneak peek to what’s to come this summer for Summer Reading Club. Finally, it always highlights one of our amazing staff members at DCDL and something that he or she is doing for the library.

Kellen Freeman is our guest cover model this quarter, and he is the mastermind behind the circulating table-top gaming collection at DCDL. He researched and implemented the collection just two years ago, and this spring he’s freshening things up by adding more games, both popular and new. These games are special because they require creative thinking and interaction amongst players. Many of these games do not have a clear winner until the very end, which means it’s anyone’s game to win!

The next time you stop in the library, pick up a copy of “Check It Out” and ask to see the gaming collection. You might find some of these titles on the shelves:

• Animal Upon Animal: In this dexterity game, players will take turns stacking various wooden animal pieces on top of a crocodile. Each turn the players will roll a die that shows who and how they are to place an animal on the pyramid. If any animals fall off, that player will have to keep whatever fell over. The first player to successfully stack all their animals wins the game. (Ages 4 and up, 2-4 players)

• Coup: In the court of the elite government, a coup is rising. Each player will be represented by two members of the court. As players use their unique abilities, and sometimes lie about them as well, players will work to remove the influence players have over the court until only one player remains. (Ages 10 and up, 2-6 players)

• The Duke: In the Duke, players will be moving their pieces across the board in an attempt to capture their opponent’s Duke tile. To do this, they will need to recruit more units along the way by adding them to the board from their bag of pieces. It will take planning and strategy in order to trap your opponent’s Duke, and capture it in order to win the game. (Ages 13 and up, 2 players)

• Robot Turtles: In Robot Turtles, the players are split into two groups. The Turtle Masters that give out the commands, and the Turtle Movers that will follow these commands and move the turtles on the board. The Masters will use sets of cards to determine which direction the turtles will move, and the Movers will move them based on these directions. Once all the turtles have found their way to from the edge of the board to their matching jewel in the center, everyone wins the game. (Ages 4 and up, 2-5 players)

Nicole Fowles

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