Delaware police report:

A teenager received a threatening message from her classmate at Delaware Hayes High School Tuesday night. The teen said another girl had sent her harassing messages over a social media website. Police also learned that the teen had also sent threats to her friend as part of an ongoing feud. The school resource officer spoke to the students the next day and ordered them both to cease communication with each other. No charges were filed.

A brother took his sister’s phone Tuesday night at their home on Freedom Lane. The mother called police after he took the phone and then threatened his sister. When confronted by his mother, he became disorderly. Police charged him with disorderly conduct and he left the home.

Two juvenile boys got in a fight in the area of Ross Street Wednesday afternoon. Police found a juvenile in the area with a bleeding lip and the boy admitted to being involved in the fight. Police found the other boy at his home and he also admitted to the fight. Charges of unruly juvenile behavior against both boys were forwarded to the Delaware County Juvenile Court.

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