Letter to the editor: Fuller’s ‘demeanor is calm, steady and firm’


To the editor:

The state of Ohio has established a domestic relations court in Delaware County to handle family law matters. There is a contested primary to choose the Republican candidate to head that court. Randall Fuller is the candidate endorsed by the Republican Party for that post.

I met Randy about 20 years ago and have practiced law with him ever since. I am writing to encourage you to vote (for) Fuller.

Randy has practiced family law for about 20 years in Delaware County. A significant part of his practice has involved investigating what is best for kids in these matters and making recommendations to the court. A child-focused mindset is vital in family law.

Randy is a good manager and is knowledgeable in the law. He comes up with creative solutions for complex problems. He knows Delaware’s community standards and expectations. Perhaps most importantly, Randy’s demeanor is calm, steady and firm … an important attribute for the judge in an emotionally charged environment like a family law court.

So mark your calendars for March 15 and vote for Randall Fuller, the endorsed Republican and Delaware native for judge.

Louis H. Herzog



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