Letter to the editor: ‘It is vital to elect someone with experience’


To the editor:

If you are a thoughtful voter, please consider voting for Chris Geer for judge, domestic relations division.

The General Assembly passed a bill that creates a new division, the domestic relations division, within the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. This requires the election of a new judge this year.

This new division will hear cases that involve divorce, dissolution, separation, annulment cases, questions of paternity custody, visitation and child support.

Two men are on the Republican primary ballot in Delaware County to become the first domestic relations judge in Delaware County. Because this is a newly formed division for our county, it is vital to elect someone with experience. Only one of the two candidates has experience as an attorney and as a domestic relations judge: Chris Geer.

As a member of the central committee, I was present at the endorsement meeting for Republican candidates in Delaware County.

In my opinion, Chris Geer is the most qualified to create the framework for this important division, based on the presentation of his experience as an attorney, his tenure as a former judge of the Franklin County Domestic Relations Court, and his demeanor.

… I hope that you will join me in voting for Chris Geer.

Linda Reidelbach



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