Letter to the editor: Shakespeare would endorse Olentangy’s levy


To the editor:

I am writing this letter because I felt it necessary to share my thoughts on why I feel we, as a community, have an educational responsibility to our children and their future (and) how one levy and your vote can make this possible to a future of educational greatness.

“To be or not to be” is the question, on every voter’s mind, for the upcoming March 15 ballot. If Shakespeare were here today, to ponder the question of what importance it is to pass a school levy, I would think he’d encourage us to vote “yes, to be.” A literary educator himself, more or less, I feel he would find it most important to our children to achieve educational greatness. It’s through relentless teamwork from voters like you, as well as other dedicated individuals, such as parents, teachers, coaches, aides, administrators and school staff — all of which help make these things possible for our students.

Our children have to carry on the educational legacy, so that they can continue on to be great leaders. Greatness and leadership start from the beginning with a good foundation. The Olentangy School District provides that for every single child. Not passing our levy would be an educational mistake and a detriment to their future. Everyone already knows the numbers, calculations and facts. However, this goes beyond the facts and just passing a levy.

Education is an investment in our children and their future. Giving them every opportunity now will help them to develop skills they need in order to do great things, become great leaders and achieve educational greatness and success.

Reinvest in our schools and help secure a brighter future for tomorrow, while ensuring greatness for ourselves and the future.

So when asked “to be or not to be,” be someone who says “to be.” Be someone, be great and change the world. Vote “yes.”

Nicole K. Carleton

Lewis Center


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