Letter to the editor: ‘Fuller has deep roots in the county’


To the editor:

I have known Randall Fuller for 40 years and in that time I was able to witness firsthand his ardor for justice. His time as an attorney in this county has helped us all, as he has pulled up people out of entitlements and put them on a path of providing.

Randall Fuller has deep roots in the county. He is dedicated to the area as his friends and family are all part of the county. His first priority is the betterment of Delaware County.

Randall Fuller has a track record as a competent and fair attorney, and (he) is a Delaware County resident, who we need not fetch from lands afar to do the job.

Based on Randall Fuller’s resume, character and flawless integrity, I believe he is is the most enlightened choice for Delaware County domestic relations judge.

William McKahan



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