Letter to the editor: ‘The best educational value in central Ohio’


To the editor:

I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the Olentangy Local School District’s upcoming levy on the March 15 ballot.

This past November, I was elected to the board of education with an overwhelming show of support from the Olentangy community, for which I am so humbled and honored to serve. During my campaign, I was very forthcoming regarding my position on a fourth high school; there is an immediate need and it is the only viable option that maximizes fiscal responsibility and academic/non-academic opportunities for our students, short and long term.

That being said, I want to emphasize this levy is more than voting on a fourth high school. Voting “yes” on the March 15 will allow us build a fourth high school and address overcrowding but, more importantly, it will allow us to continue the services we currently offer, maintain our current buildings, update technology, purchase much-needed buses and increase our staff to accommodate growth.

We are coming to the voters due to the lack of state funding. We will continue to lobby for fair funding but, until we can achieve that goal, the state puts the burden on us, the taxpayers.

If taxpayers want the same high-quality education, this levy is a necessity. We are the best educational value in central Ohio. Please help us continue educational excellence.

On March 15, please join me in supporting our schools. Vote “yes.”

Mindy Patrick



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