Letter to the editor: ‘The need is real and the time is now’


To the editor:

The reason we moved to this community was for Olentangy Schools. We’ve seen the quality of the schools and the size of the district skyrocket over the past 14 years we’ve lived here. As homeowners who recently relocated within the district, our property values remain strong due to the undeniable relationship between a school district and property values.

Despite the high-quality education Olentangy produces, we are witnessing the impact overcrowding is having on our freshman daughter. Her science class is held in a business classroom at Liberty High School. Therefore, her physical science class cannot have the traditional labs that other students experience. Have you seen the picture of the crowded hallways at the high school? As parents, we are concerned about the safety of having to evacuate the building with this many students.

By the time our two fifth-graders are in high school, there will be nearly 1,500 more high school students in the district. We can’t imagine adding another 500 students to Liberty. The need is real and the time is now. Please join us in voting “yes” for Olentangy’s ballot issue on March 15.

Andrew & Tracy MacDowell



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