Nicole Fowles: Seniors can learn computer skills at library


March kicks off a series of classes at the Delaware Main Library designed specifically for older adults looking brush up on their computer skills. The “Basic Computer Skills for Seniors” classes are taught by the Delaware County District Library IT department, and are created to move at a patient pace for new learners.

The classes take place in the training room, just off the computer area, at the Delaware Main Library. It’s a small classroom that seats just six individuals, which allows for great one-on-one help opportunities, if needed. Interested individuals should call 740-362-3861 to pre-register their seat in the class. Seats are already filling up quickly.

The classes meet on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. and Thursdays at 6 p.m. The series progresses weekly throughout the month from basic computer skills (March 8 and 10) to basic Microsoft skills (March 15 and 17), then finishes with basic Internet skills (March 22 and 24) and basic Facebook and Pinterest skills (March 29 and 31). Call to see what dates are available and reserve your seat today. You’ll be amazed with everything you learn.

While you’re here for the class, walk over and see some of these titles that have just arrived in the new book section:

• “Brush of Wings” by Karen Kingsbury. Despite needing a heart transplant, Mary Catherine moves to Uganda to work at a new orphanage; and, after he discovers the truth, Marcus Dillinger sets out on a mission to get her to an American hospital before time runs out.

• “Fool Me Once” by Harlan Coben. Horrified when she spots the husband who was reported dead weeks earlier playing with their toddler on her nanny cam, former special ops pilot Maya confronts deep secrets and deceit in her own past in order to discern the truth.

• “The Summer Before The War” by Helen Simonson. Arriving in the village of Rye, England, in 1914, Beatrice Nash, a young woman of good family, becomes the first female teacher of Latin at the local school and falls in love with her sponsor’s nephew.

• “Transgalactic” by James Gunn. Discovering a matter-transmission device built by an ancient race on the planet Terminal, Riley and Asha elect to be “translated” and develop supernatural intellectual and physical powers on two separate and unknown worlds.

• “Two If By Sea” by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Joining the volunteer rescue effort in Brisbane, American expat and former police officer Frank Mercy is transformed by his rescue of a telepathic little boy, who he illegally takes back with him to America and struggles to protect against ominous adversaries.

• “Fluke: The Math and Myth of Coincidence” by Joseph Mazur. A mathematical guide to understanding why life can seem to be one big coincidence and why the odds of just about everything are better than we would think.

• “The Legends Club” by John Feinstein. Documents the fierce 1980s rivalry among the coaching legends behind the University of North Carolina, Duke University and North Carolina State, detailing the covert recruiting wars that shaped each team and the national pressure that complicated their leadership methods.

Nicole Fowles

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