Letter to the editor: ‘Local experience with integrity matters’


To the editor:

In what’s unfolding as one of the most bizarre primary elections ever to happen in this nation, the voters — me and you — are seeing the reality of politics. It does seem that people who profess to not be “politicians,” yet viciously seek elected office, ​often only seem motivated not to perform true public service.

The political wannabes seem also incapable of performing the duties associated with the office they seek and serious questions of ethics and professionalism arise as they unfold their campaigns. Disingenuous and immature behavior dominates their campaign​s, along with apparent and extreme self-interest.

In Delaware County, we are fortunate to have a real difference available to us. We have one candidate who stands apart and above the despicable activity now common in politics at all levels of government. We have Randall Fuller as that candidate now seeking the office of judge for the newly authorized domestic relations court in Delaware County. Fuller brings with him a long and distinguished record of integrity and accomplishment in our community.

This court is an important component of the legal system in our county. Judicial decisions there will touch many lives and affect many families by virtue of the nature of domestic relations law and litigation. We must have a judge we can unequivocally trust in all matters in that court. Fuller will be that judge we can trust — not just with our money, but also with our family matters and our families themselves. We can help make Fuller that judge by voting for him on March 15.

We know Randall Fuller. We know Fuller’s family and its long history – since 1877, in Delaware County. The Fuller family worked the land as successful farmers and raised sons to be professionals in law and medicine. They helped Delaware County become the prosperous and economically vital community that we now know.

The most important thing we know about Fuller is that we can trust him. We can rely on his integrity and his decision-making ability, not solely because he has been our friend and neighbor, but because he has a long and successful reputation in the practice of law in Delaware County and is well-known to be fair and reasonable. His career proves that local experience with integrity matters.

Having elected officials, particularly judges, who have a long-term stake in the community is crucial to how effective elected officials can be in providing excellent service to the public, as opposed to being just another political, self-serving bureaucrat who is without a thorough knowledge, commitment and connection to our county and community. …

​Sue Bowery



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