Letter to the editor: ‘All the qualities of a true conservative’


To the editor:

In the race for 68th Ohio House (District), Knox and Delaware counties face a pivotal decision. We need a candidate who will represent our communities in Columbus, and work constructively with other legislators to get things done. Ideally, our state representative should have some proven leadership experience, a record of actual accomplishments and be a credible champion for the interests of this region.

Only one candidate comes to mind that fulfills these credentials — Rick Carfagna, who I am proud to support. Rick is the only candidate that provides a solid combination of both private and public sector experience. He understands small family business, and has a tangible record of bettering his community.

At the debate in Mount Vernon on March 2, I was impressed by Rick’s answers, which detailed his vision, accomplishments and understanding of the legislative process.

As a trusted local elected official, Rick has worked on a number of measures to cut costs and enhance essential services. He has also shown an ability to work effectively with community stakeholders, including small and large businesses, area non-profits, school officials, and leaders at the local, county, state and federal levels. His professional and life experiences have demonstrated time and again both his work ethic and his commitment to the public.

Rick Carfagna possesses all the qualities of a true conservative and will be a voice for us in Columbus. I am voting for him and highly recommend others vote for him as well.

Stephen Ciacchi



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