Letter to the editor: ‘Fuller’s honesty, integrity are unparalleled’


To the editor:

This letter is presented as my highest recommendation in considering Randall Fuller for domestic relations judge for Delaware County.

I have been involved in two separate domestic relations cases, one proceeding in Franklin County and the most recent in Delaware County for which Fuller represented my case.

I gained the utmost respect for Fuller due to his extensive knowledge of both law and the functional legal process. His counsel was always consistent from the standpoint for the most direct path of resolution, both morally and ethically, while simultaneously maintaining a calming perspective.

Though there are many negative emotional tendencies throughout divorce proceedings, Fuller would masterfully minimize these unproductive emotions, changing the focus to positive resolution. On a number of occasions, I would present ideas that were a reflection of these negative sentiments. Fuller would listen, give the option for acting upon these emotions, but would counsel that these actions would be costly and most likely non-effective for final resolution.

Yet another great attribute of Fuller is his ability to invoke rational thinking through placing himself in the hypothetical seat of opposing counsel. This insight was very valuable in considering and making the best possible decisions.

Above all, Fuller’s honesty and integrity are unparalleled. I believe his focus on expeditious resolutions, through fair application of law, combined with his 20 years of courtroom experience, makes him the best possible candidate for domestic relations judge in Delaware County.

Bradley Stewart



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