Letter to the editor: ‘These caring, expert professionals helped us …’


To the editor:

I am the mother of a child with special needs. Our daughter, Lila, was born with many challenges and the first few years of her life were very stressful for our family.

As a resident of Delaware County, we had the ability to sign up for services with the Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities. These caring, expert professionals helped us get through some difficult times, navigate complicated systems and linked us to therapy Lila needed.

I knew that we are very lucky to be living in Delaware County. I have always voted for DD levies in the past, and never imagined we would be using the services ourselves one day.

I want other families in Delaware to continue to have access to this same kind of support we had at a time when it is easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

The levy on the ballot March 15 is a renewal, so it won’t raise taxes, but it pays for the bulk for the board’s budget.

I can’t say enough about how the board has helped us to not feel like we are on our own. While Lila has been making great progress and needs fewer services now, their intervention from the start helped make that possible.

Jayne Moreau



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