Letter to the editor: ‘Takers, abusers have been in control too long’


To the editor:

The 2016 presidential campaign is getting more interesting by the day. I’m not talking about the debates, as I consider them a waste of time, held primarily for entertainment purposes. For me, it’s kind of like watching pro wrestling. Sorry, wrestling fans, but it just ain’t real.

Much more informative are the one-on-one interviews and town hall meetings. But, with all of the promises being made to fix this and that, believability is still in question. At 73 years of age, I have heard a lot of them but few have been kept, and all the signs indicate that the electorate is finally getting tired of that. I know I sure am.

But, no matter who gets elected, it remains a crap shoot as to whether they remain true to their promises. Having lived through so many elections, I have little faith that they will. Past performances validate my lack of faith.

True hope and change is what I really would like to see, not the progressive liberal kind we’ve been suffering through in the Obama dictatorship. Like it or not, America is made up of givers and takers, users and abusers, and the truly needy. And the takers and abusers have been in control for way too long.

My friends and sparring partners — Mr. (Tony) Marconi and Rev. (William) McCartney — do not appear to be searching for any of the same answers to the same questions as I — only a continuation and expansion of the same failed progressive liberal policies that have done nothing but expand the rolls of the takers, users and abusers, while shrinking the rolls of the givers and truly needy.

My question is, what is going to happen to the takers, users and abusers when the givers have no more to give? What then? Will they expect the churches to provide what they want? They get their money from the givers. Will they trust in big government’s generosity to get what they want? Lots of luck with that (because) once they are done using and abusing the givers, they will be using and abusing everybody.

Now, before I get questioned on who these different people are, let me tell you. The true givers are the working taxpayers; the takers are those out to get as much “free” stuff as they can get; and the users and abusers (are) those who use the government for personal, political or corporate greed, or personal, political or corporate power. Sadly, our federal government is in all of these categories, but the only things it gives are working people’s money, useless laws and empty promises. It sure doesn’t give us any solutions. …

Stefan Schemine



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