Letter to the editor: ‘A smack in the face to one of Delaware’s own’


To the editor:

I was appalled but not shocked with the election information The Gazette reported for the Ohio primary.

Because the paper “goes to bed” before the news of the day is completed, I never expected to see any election coverage on Wednesday, March 16. That was no surprise.

However, the headline in Thursday’s Gazette “Voters OK all local tax issues” was a smack in the face to one of Delaware’s own, the governor of Ohio, John Kasich. Three stories were featured and one picture of a huge pot of cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day took precedent over the biggest story of the day.

On Page 4 in the fifth column, I might add, of the “Issues” story was what my high school journalism teacher would have said was the “meat of the biggest story” of the day, the presidential primary. The winner didn’t even get the first paragraph of that column; instead (he was) relegated to after all the withdrawn candidates’ names with less than 1 percent of the vote.

The Delaware Gazette is no longer anything of prominence in the journalism community. It is a laughingstock that falls way behind the once-weekly Olentangy Valley News and the other papers that are bundled into “neighborhood papers.”

John Kasich has changed Ohio during his term in office; that stands on its own merits. To have his local paper, the banner for the county in which he lives, relegate him to Page 4 in a story on issues is a kick in the teeth. The governor did not even get a front-page picture because the county health report, local issues and local races, a “sensationalized crime” and cabbage were more important than the biggest story of the day.

It is time that The Gazette really believes their banner “Local News … Local Views” because it is not worth the money being expended for the staff. A high school journalism class could do much, much better and not waste paper, ink and resources to publish.

Jeanie Eby



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