Letter to the editor: ‘Equality is something that has to be earned’


To the editor:

One of politicians’ favorite baits — in their fishing expedition for votes — is the promise to make everyone equal in every way. There are plenty of people who take that bait, and are soon tossed back into the waters of inequality by those politicians, who knew that the promise they made is virtually impossible to keep.

Equality is something that has to be earned. Most of those that swallow the bait are poor, low-IQ voters, and those more fortunate with good intentions who think that government can give it to them.

It is sad that politicians would repeatedly take advantage of the most disadvantaged of us, and those with good intentions who want help for them, only to gain power and wealth. Even if those politicians didn’t know it was an impossibility to keep their promises, once they get in office, they don’t even try to help them. So much for the war on poverty, and so much for the government serving the people.

But, just because they can’t make everyone equal, that is no reason not to do everything possible to help the disadvantaged to improve their own lives. In reality, to make them equal, it would mean that you would have to make the poor and middle classes equal to the wealthiest, and those with the lowest IQ as intelligent as the most intelligent. Does anybody see the impossibility in that quest? So much for income redistribution and government-controlled education.

I think it’s about time that our politicians quit abusing this class and start really doing something to truly help them. Do you politicians have no shame? Jesus said the poor will always be with you, but that is no reason not to try to help them. It’s time to demand that this abuse ends, and true help begins.

Stefan Schemine



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