Letter to the editor: ‘Perhaps our disagreements are more semantic than substantial’


To the editor:

Good grief! If Mr. Stefan Schemine keeps writing epistles like his one on March 25 (“Equality is something that has to be earned”) — in which he wrote, “… just because [politicians] can’t make everyone equal, that is no reason not to do everything possible to help the disadvantaged improve their own lives” — I’ll have to become an official fan. I couldn’t agree more with his commentary.

His last paragraph cited Jesus’ admonishment that the poor would always be with us and concluded with Mr. Schemine’s reminder that the Nazarene didn’t mean that just because the underprivileged were here that we were somehow absolved from the responsibility of trying to help them improve their conditions.

Regular readers of The Gazette’s letters to the editor know that Mr. Schemine frequently criticizes my progressive tendencies. Actually, I thought leanings toward equitable treatment and more equal opportunities on the socio-economic front was exactly what progressivism is all about. But if Mr. Schemine and I can come to similar conclusions about what might be socially desirable outcomes — even if we seem to arrive at those conclusions from different directions — then perhaps our disagreements are more semantic than substantial.

I hope this is the case, and, again, I repeat my invitation to Mr. Schemine to sit with me over a cup of coffee so we can discuss our views more completely.

Tony Marconi



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