Letter to the editor: Trump ‘seen as the lesser of two evils’


To the editor:

I wonder! Why haven’t political analysts considered this possibility – in connection with Donald Trump’s rising vote percentages in recent primaries.

Political pundits seemingly consider every angle in this GOP race. Endless news shows feature “experts” examining the contest, trying to find some new perspective hourly.

For some time, they described Trump’s “35 percent ceiling.” Indeed, 35 percent seemed the highest share of voters Trump could win. Recently, however, those totals have grown. The inevitable question: Has Trump now broken through that ceiling?

Maybe we need to see these changing percentages in a new light. Many have talked about the “anti-Trump” vote. Such antagonism against the billionaire does exist. But what if the American electorate has another “anti” vote? What if there’s a growing “anti-Cruz” vote? What if Trump’s growing voter percentages is not growing support for him, but a growing fear of a Ted Cruz nomination?

The animosity toward the Texas senator is a matter of record. He flopped in evangelical states he was supposed to win. It’s reported he has no friends in the Senate. Even one who endorsed him, said he did so “holding his nose.”

Cruz’s claim to fame is his strong Christian standards. An honest question, however, is whether or not he holds his convictions with the perspective, the grace, the nuance, that marked the teachings of Jesus. Many discerning followers of Christ claim Cruz’s view of the faith does not coincide with theirs. Rather, he sounds more like the religious leaders who constantly warred against Jesus.

I’ve been surprised at the number of thoughtful Christians and Republicans who candidly say they fear Cruz – and fear is the word they use. In other words, perhaps we dare not think Trump is gaining in favor in GOP ranks. Rather he’s simply seen as the lesser of two evils.

William A. McCartney



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