Delaware police report:

A man reportedly drove by a group of pedestrians on Pittsburgh Drive outside International Paper Monday afternoon — where workers are on strike — and waved a gun at them. Police say they have a suspect but no charges have been filed.

A fight occurred in the area of South Henry Street and East Harrison Street Sunday afternoon. Police were told several people were involved but had left by the time officers arrived. An employee of a nearby business pointed to several individuals walking along Sandusky Street who were allegedly involved in the fight. Police spoke to the group and learned that one of the individuals had assaulted a patron of a nearby business. The man was arrested, charged with assault and taken to the Delaware County Jail.

A student in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Ohio Wesleyan University reported that someone entered his room overnight Saturday and stole his phone. Police were promptly able to recover the phone. A man was charged with theft and taken to the Delaware County Jail.

A man’s car was stolen Saturday night after he let a friend borrow it. The friend never returned the car.

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