Delaware police report:

A dog bit a juvenile Friday evening in the area of Bruce Road. Police served a quarantine notice to the owner, who said the dog didn’t bite anyone. An investigation is ongoing.

A mailbox was pulled out of the ground and put down near the woodline of a home on Parsons Avenue Friday morning. Police have no suspects.

A lawnmower was stolen Friday. The owner said it was stolen from the back porch of a home on South Franklin Street sometime in the last week. Police have no suspects.

Coins worth $10 were stolen overnight Saturday from an unlocked vehicle parked on Little Street.

A car was stopped in the area of Harrison Street and Sandusky Street Monday morning because the driver was not displaying his license plate. During the stop, officers conducted a search of the vehicle and found a small amount of marijuana. The driver was cited for failing to display license plates and possession of marijuana.

Powell police report:

A man was arrested Monday after his wife said he threatened her with a gun at their home on Trail Lake Drive. Police charged the man with domestic violence.

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