Letter to the editor: ‘It’s too bad she didn’t make it to festival’


To the editor:

In response to Lisa Evans’ letter to the editor of May 18 (“Not one picture of a person of color”): The “You Tube” picture presentation of the Delaware Arts Festival by “Slowgamer gaming,” who is unaffiliated with Delaware Arts Festival Association, was a wonderful glimpse of the arts festival. We greatly appreciate and applaud her effort.

However, of the 150 booths at the festival, she pictured less than 30 booths and mostly featured their exhibits and rarely the exhibitor.

It’s too bad that Lisa didn’t make it to the festival this year as her favorite exhibitors were back and they missed her and the many other supporters who avoided coming out in the damp, windy cold.

There is another “You Tube” posted feature of the Arts Festival by Drone Ohio that gives a wonderful aerial overview. The festival was totally booked, the empty spaces that you see in the aerial view resulted from wind damage early Saturday morning during set-up that threatened or actually destroyed several tents, including five in a row across from Delaware Antiques. With the unrelenting wind and rain, without shelter, those exhibitors could not set up and left.

Thanks for allowing me to respond.

Judy Burdette



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