Delaware police report:

Four men were charged with having open containers Sunday morning during a traffic stop in the area of Eaton Street. Police report that, during a search of the vehicle, they found several open alcoholic beverages and a substance they suspect was cocaine on the floorboards. A sample was sent to a lab to confirm but the four men were charged for having the open containers.

Police investigated a domestic violence incident Sunday at around 3:25 a.m. in the area of Ann Street. Police found all the involved parties were intoxicated. No charges have been filed but the incident is still being investigated.

A caller reported someone was trying to gain entry to garages on North Franklin Street Sunday morning. Police investigated but found no suspects.

An intoxicated man was arrested briefly after he was found stumbling around a parking lot on Houk Road. Police said they arrested the man because he was unable to care for himself. However, they were able to find a sober party and released him to the care of his friend. He was charged with disorderly conduct before his release.

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