Cable, internet provider WOW! coming to Delaware


A company called “WOW!” is bringing its internet, television and phone services to residents and businesses in the city of Delaware.

“WOW! cable currently is working in the Stratford Woods, Carson Farms and Kesselbrooke neighborhoods installing infrastructure to bring its service to Delaware,” the city of Delaware tweeted on Tuesday.

“We’re definitely excited about the opportunity to get up into Delaware,” said WOW! system manager Matt DeMuro. “When we spoke to our sales folks, when we do community events, we always got folks who came from Delaware down into Columbus who said we can’t wait until you come up into Delaware.”

TimeWarner Cable and Frontier Communications currently provide internet and cable services to the city, and WOW! would be a third option.

“We are a full-service cable company,” DeMuro said. “We’ve got video, data, as well as voice and cloud services. We’re an award-winner for customer service.”

Among those who have given WOW! awards is Consumer Reports magazine and Netflix.

WOW! is currently installed in Lewis Center, Dublin and Columbus, where it has its local offices. WOW!’s corporate offices are in Denver.

“We’re a company of people who derive genuine satisfaction from taking care of each other, and our customers,” said the company’s website. “Which means doing things a little differently than most telecom companies. Like treating people as members of the human race, for starters. Fostering positive customer experiences at all transaction points. And taking a more personalized approach to serving our customers.”

DeMuro estimates it will take two years to provide WOW! to all of Delaware, working from the bottom to the top. A couple of contractors, including one local business, is assisting with the installation.

“We’ll want to be careful that we don’t just blow through town. We want to take our time and do it right.”

City Public Works Director Bill Ferrigno said in an email that the city “continues to work with WOW! weekly on the many related issues regarding installations in existing utility easements.”

“We are much like many cable companies and broadband companies in the country — we are a hybrid fiber coax system,” DeMuro said. “We are only building in the easements and on the poles. We are taking the top spot on the pole. Only the ones who want us, we’ll provide service to.”

He said that tree trimming may be needed on some properties, but not as much as other utilities would do, DeMuro said.

“If the city and the residents are with us, we’ll be successful together,” he said. “If there’s any resident in Delaware that would like to come work for us, we’re always hiring.”

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By Gary Budzak

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