To the editor:

I would like to express my appreciation to the thoughtful individuals and hard working groups who have cut the grass at the Galena Cemetery. It’s mowed and trimmed, and flags are out. It looks beautiful! It is sad to think this has not been taken care of by an appropriate government body.

As Mr. (D. Anthony) Botkin’s article on May 16 points out, this is an issue of deep concern for all of us who have loved ones buried at this cemetery. It is heartbreaking to see it unattended. Our families paid for plots at the Galena Cemetery because we felt confident that our loved ones would rest in peace in a beautiful setting; in a place that has deep significance to many of us.

Have you looked at the history in this cemetery? There are Revolutionary War soldiers buried here. Local family names pepper the rows and those of us who have been here our entire lives know “the story” behind each family name. In addition to soldiers, there are village founding fathers, teachers, school officials, doctors, nurses and countless others buried here who have paved the path to the village and township we know and love today. They’ve certainly done their part. It’s time we do ours.

I urge everyone involved in the Galena Cemetery debacle to act quickly to find a permanent solution that will keep our Galena Cemetery looking as nice as it (did) this Memorial Day weekend. Thank you in advance for doing the right thing.

Enid Ihle Horn