As a kid, did you color outside the lines? At some point, of course, we all did – too young to grasp the crayon properly, and not yet adept at controlling our little hands. As we grew, we learned to stay inside the lines, to be accurate, to behave predictably. Life expects that of us, doesn’t it?

As we get on in years and maybe grow a bit silver-haired, others seem to have expectations about who we are and what we do. Society sees older people through a certain filter. We’re surprised when we hear about an 80-year-old roller skater or a 60-year-old who is newly graduated from college – and why? With age, all of us may reach that point when daily living presents new challenges, when good health eludes us. Until that time, why should we give up on learning new things and exploring our world? While we’re living, why not live?

People come to SourcePoint at both ends of that aging spectrum. They come to us to try their hand at a new hobby, and they also come when the basic activities of living have become a challenge and help is needed simply to live safely at home. We are here for them at both of those stages, and for almost everything in between. We encourage living, and when support is needed, we are there. We urge people to color outside their own lines. We help them to thrive in whatever ways they are able.

On Friday evening, several members of our wonderful staff and very dedicated board will be downtown near the corner of Sandusky and Winter streets as part of Main Street Delaware’s First Friday celebration.

Our hope is to share with you all the ways that SourcePoint helps our community thrive. While you’re there, we’ll encourage you to color outside the lines! We’ll be giving away packs of colored pencils and the first of many pages in your very own adult coloring book, with images drawn by our staff and art students. (You’ll pick up the first pages from us, then visit downtown businesses to collect the rest, while supplies last.)

In addition to the adult coloring book, you can taste the chicken salad that we serve through Meals on Wheels, take part in a community art project, and blow bubbles with your kids or grandkids. We’ll be waiting for you between 6 and 9 p.m.

In the meantime, if you have questions about our services and programs for Delaware County residents, you can reach us at 740-363-6677, or visit

Stephanie Steinbeck

Contributing columnist

Stephanie Steinbeck is director of communications & development at SourcePoint.