To the editor:

For the past few months, a pet store on U.S. 23 just north of Polaris has hired people to stand on corners with huge signs that say “PUPPIES!” Puppies are wonderful, but these signs make me feel physically sick.

The decision to add a pet as a family member is not one to be taken lightly or made as a result of a passing impulse. The process of pet ownership needs to begin with research into breeds, modification of the home environment, locating a local vet, and discussion with all family members. Only then can the right dog, from a responsible source, be located. Pet ownership should be a process, not the result of a momentary whim.

With their “PUPPIES” signs, this store is urging people to make an impulse purchase. These signs promote irresponsible behavior that might easily lead to a disastrous situation not only for the puppy involved, but for other family members who find themselves unprepared for the significant responsibility of pet ownership.

I am very concerned that this store thinks their signs are a responsible marketing technique. Instead of promoting considered pet ownership, they are urging people to buy a living creature the way they would buy a loaf of bread. I find this horrific.

Lizbeth Turner