To the editor:

Donald Trump fans justify their loyalty by claiming “He tells it like it is.” Apparently they think only he tells the truth. In reality, he’s afraid of the truth.

Trump’s handling of truth is bizarre and evasive. Given the opportunity to “tell it like it is” on some key matter, he dodges the truth with mean and disparaging attacks on those seeking the truth.

1. When recent court records identified Trump University’s deceitful practices, he slanders the judge who revealed the truth.

2. When FOX News’ Megyn Kelly asked him an inconvenient question in a TV debate, he demeaned her with crude things about her gender.

3. When reporters began asking probing questions, he made a blanket condemnation of the media, singling one for special vitriol.

4. After promising money for veterans’ organization, he delayed for months reporting simple facts like: How much was raised; which organizations got what; and how much Trump himself gave. When pressure finally yielded a report, it contradicted some of his boasts.

5. Trump complains climate change is a Chinese-orchestrated “hoax,” while asking permission to build a sea wall to protect his Irish golf course from rising sea levels — which he attributes to a warming climate.

6. He stonewalls releasing his tax returns – perhaps fearing we’d discover the truth of his personal “like it is.”

Please know, Trump may have some specific legitimate individual positions that individuals support. Clearly, however, there’s no honesty in the claim that he always “tells it like it is.”

William A. McCartney